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Longdales House Lincoln | Access Statement

This access statement does not contain personal opinions as to our suitability for those with access needs, but aims to accurately describe the facilities and services that we offer all our guests.

Our Access Champion, Jane Vincent, will be pleased to assist you in answering any questions you may have. Jane may be contacted either by telephone on 01522 583608 or by e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


- Welcome
- Getting here
- Car Parking
- Arrival
- Entrances
- Check-In and Reception
- Floor plan – Lobby level and ramped access area
- Floor plan – first floor
- Bedrooms
- Bathrooms & Toilets
- Public areas - Lobby, Landings & Staircases
- Public areas – Kitchenettes & Lounge
- Public toilet
- Breakfast – Refectory
- Other areas
- Additional information
- Future plans
- Feedback
- Contact information


Longdales House Bed & Breakfast is situated in the historic City of Lincoln. This small Bed & Breakfast with 18 bedrooms is the perfect place to stay whether you are visiting for business or leisure.
We are located on the edge of Bishop Grosseteste University Campus, just a ten minute walk from the historic Bailgate area of Lincoln and 1.5 miles away from the modern, pedestrianized city centre.
The main entrance and lobby of Longdales House is accessed by four steps from the pavement.
We are rated under the National Accessible Scheme at levels:
M1 - suitable for Older and Less Mobile Guests
V1 - for Visually Impaired Guests
H1 - for Hearing Impaired Guests

  • An entrance, via a shallow ramp to access our adapted twin en-suite room. 
  • 4 rooms are all at lobby level, with another 2 rooms down two steps from the lobby level. 
  • A hearing loop.
  • We can cater for guests with special dietary requirements – but do please let us know in advance.

Because Longdales House is a Victorian building, we are unable to provide wheelchair access to all parts of the house; however the campus is relatively flat with lowered kerbs throughout. Buildings, including the Bar, Refectory, Curiositea and the The Venue cinema are all wheelchair accessible. Wherever possible, we use locally sourced ingredients as part of our policy of supporting local producers and of minimizing our food miles.

We look forward to welcoming you. If you have any queries or require any assistant please phone 01522 583681 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


For full details and maps of how to reach us please see the “Find Us” section of our website (within the “Contact” tab). Alternatively, you can plan your journey by car or public transport using or - simply enter your postcode and ours which is LN1 3DY to get directions.


  • The nearest railway station is Lincoln Central, which is 2.5 miles away or a 25-30 minute walk. Please note the route to Longdales House from the station is up “Steep Hill” which, as its name suggests, is very steep.
  • Accessibility information for Lincoln Central Station can be found at:
  • If you require an accessible taxi all cabs on the station taxi rank are wheelchair accessible, alternatively you can book in advance – please see contact information for details. 
  • At this time, we regret that we are unable to offer a collection service.


  • The nearest bus stop is located just a 5 minute walk from Longdales House - ask the driver for the stop outside Bishop Grosseteste University.
  • There is no shelter or seating at the bus stop. 
  • All buses can accommodate one wheelchair. The number 7 & 8 buses runs to & from the bus station - see contact information for details 


  • Free parking is available on campus for Longdales House guests. In total there are over 200 parking places.
  • Adjacent to Longdales House there are 5 dedicated spaces for the guest house customers. One of these is designated for blue badge drivers. The car park surface is smooth tarmac.
  • Further blue badge parking is within 50 metres of the Longdales House outside the Refectory and the Sports Centre. The surface of this is also smooth tarmac.
  • All areas are well lit at night

This photograph, looking from the front door of Longdales House, shows the location of the entrance to The Venue (where check-in’s generally take place) and the locations of parking (including Blue-Badge parking).


  • Reception for Longdales House is at The Venue box office 4.00pm - 8.00pm or at main campus Reception at all other times, both venues are signposted, have power assisted entrances and are accessible by wheelchair.
  • The pavement on the street leading to the Bed & Breakfast is level.

This photograph, looking from the front door of Longdales House, shows the location of the entrance to The Venue (for check-in between 4-00pm & 8-00pm) and the location of the main campus reception (for check-in at all other times).


  • The main entrance and lobby of Longdales House is accessed by four steps from the pavement, the front door is 85 cm (33 inches) wide.
  • There are no handrails on the steps.
  • Guests are given a keycard upon checking-in (please see above) which is used to unlock the main door.
  • The door is manually operated and is fairly heavy.

This photograph shows the main entrance to Longdales House.

  • A shallow ramp, with handrails on both sides, leads to another entrance 85 cm (33 inches) wide, providing access to room 7, our accessible twin en-suite room.
  • Please note that access to this ramp is along a pavement which at one point has a minimum width of 86 cm (34 inches) as shown on the photograph below.

photo here

  • Guests are given a keycard upon checking-in (please see above) which is programmed to unlock this door.
  • The door is manually operated.
  • Assistance can be given with luggage if required. Please ask upon check-in.

These photographs show the access route to the supplementary accessible door

This photograph shows the supplementary accessible door.


Guests are welcome in the bar area of The Venue or at Main Reception, which is level throughout, where they are asked to check-in.

The Venue Bar – for check-in

The Main Campus Reception between 4-00pm & 8-00pm for check-in at other times

  • All access at check-in points is even and step free.
  • The flooring is a mixture of short pile carpet and non-slip vinyl. 
  • Seating is available in both areas with tub chairs. 
  • Both areas are well lit with overhead low-energy and fluorescent lighting and wall lights.
  • There is a hearing portable loop system. 
  • A magnifying glass, pen and pad are available on request. 
  • Wherever possible, guests are offered a brief tour and shown the guest lounge, dining facilities and their bedroom. If this is not possible for any reason, a floor-plan showing the location of rooms is available.



Our adapted twin en-suite room is at ground level. Photographs of our adapted access room (Room 7)

  • The door into the bedroom is 76 cms (30 inches) wide.
  • The table and chairs within the room can be moved if required.
  • The bedroom has twin beds. Mattress height above the floor is 56 cm (22 inches).
  • Risers are available to increase this height upon request. 
  • There is Level Access throughout.
  • The flooring in the bedroom is short pile carpet.
  • The lighting is low-energy bulbs and natural light.
  • The TV has a sub-title facility (as do the TV’s in all rooms).
  • We have Deafgard alarms available upon request when booking. 

For further information about Deafgards, please use the following website!equipment/c80l

  • The wardrobe hanging rail is adjustable.
  • The electric sockets within the room are at heights between 25 cms (10 inches) and 46 cms (18 inches) from the floor.
  • Our bedding is non-allergenic.

Adapted room en-suite

The en-suite facility for this room is 2.8m by 3.0m in size, it has:

  • Level access entrance, the door is 65 cm (25.5 inches) wide;
  • Non-slip vinyl flooring;
  • A step free shower with seat; 
  • The toilet height is 48 cm (19 inches) above the floor;
  • Right hand side transfer space, facing the toilet;
  • The washbasin height is 70 cm (27.5 inches);
  • The washbasin height is not adjustable.

These photographs show the toilet and washbasin facilities and the shower facility within the en-suite facility of the adapted bedroom (Room 7).

  • Grab-rails are fitted, both horizontally and vertically, around the toilet, the washbasin and the shower.
  • The en-suite room is well lit with overhead lights and a clear colour contrast between the white tiles and the blue grab-rails. The room is fitted with non-slip flooring.

Lobby Level bedrooms

We have four bedrooms at lobby Level of Longdales House which are accessed by four steps from the pavement. Two of these rooms are single rooms, and two are compact double rooms. All have en-suite bathrooms.

  • The doors to these rooms are 70cm (27.5 inches) wide, and to the en-suites, 65cm (25.5 inches) wide.
  • A further two double bedrooms are located down two steps from the lobby level. 

Other bedrooms

A further 11 bedrooms are upstairs accessible by two staircases.

This photograph shows the main staircase in Longdales House

All bedrooms

All our rooms offer the following:

  • Bright, evenly lit once the low energy bulbs have warmed up. There is overhead lighting in each room, together with bedside lamps.
  • Good contrast between floor, walls and doors.
  • Short pile carpet.
  • Non- feather bedding.
  • Digital television with remote control, subtitles, and audio description facilities where provided within the programme being broadcast.

Available on request at the time of booking are:


  • The door openings to all other bathrooms are generally 65 cm (25.5 inches) wide, with a 20 cm (8 inch) step into the shower. Toilet heights are generally 40 cm (15.7 inches).
  • All our bathrooms have good colour contrast and non-slip flooring. 
  • Our four poster bedroom has a bath with shower over.


  • All public areas, halls, stairs, landing, are well lit using a combination of low energy ceiling and wall lights.
  • The stairs and landing’s feature short pile carpet, with the lobby having Victorian style tile flooring. 
  • Bedroom 7 is down a narrow flight of 5 steps from lobby level, but is accessible externally via a ramp (please see above). 
  • The lobby area is tiled and level throughout. 
  • There is a continuous flight of 19 steps to the first floor with a handrail on one side.



The main guest lounge is situated off the main entrance lobby with step free level entry and has a small kitchenette adjacent.

  • The lounge is at lobby level. The lobby is accessed by the steps leading to the main entrance door (see above) and so does not have level entry from outside, or from the adapted room (Room 7).
  • The room has a mixture of seating with sofas and soft chairs, as well as some high chairs with arms, together with small dining tables and low level coffee table. 
  • Lighting is natural daylight, with overhead low energy ceiling and wall lights as well as table lamps around the room. 
  • Flooring is a mixture of short pile carpet and non-slip. 
  • Wide screen digital television with remote control and subtitle facility is available.
  • There are four retail outlets on campus where you are welcome and can relax. (Please note that there will be times when these outlets are closed). We are happy to send details of opening times during your visit by e-mail.


There is a unisex toilet, with hand basin located in the main entrance lobby.

  • There is step free access to this toilet from the lobby. The lobby is accessed by the steps leading to the main entrance door (see above) and so does not have level entry from outside, or from the adapted room (Room 7).
  • The door is 68 cms (27 inches) wide.
  • The floor is level and is non-slip vinyl.
  • There is restricted space within the room, with no space to the side of the toilet. 
  • There are no grab-rails. 
  • The room is well lit. 


Longdales House breakfasts are served in Refectory, our on campus Restaurant and Coffee Shop, which is adjacent to the guest house (approximately 50 metres distance).

  • The pavement between the two buildings has lowered kerbs and is tarmac.
  • The main entrance to Refectory has fully automatic doors.
  • Entry to Refectory is step free and level.
  • The doors are 102 cms (40 inches) wide, and automatically slide open upon approach.

This picture shows the entrance doorway to Refectory

  • Designed on an urban warehouse theme, with step free level non- slip flooring, there is a mixture of seating with sofas and soft chairs, together with large dining tables and low level coffee tables.
  • Lighting is natural daylight, with overhead ceiling and wall lights as well as table lamps around the room. The lighting sources are deflected fluorescent & LED.

This picture shows the Refectory building

  • Breakfast offers you a great range of hot and continental options in a buffet/self-service style. Staff will however be pleased to assist you with table service if requested.
  • We are able to cater for varying dietary requirements - please advise us in advance of any special dietary requirements. Where possible our crockery has colour contrasts with the tables.
  • We offer smaller portions for those requiring them.
  • We have “easy grip” bendable cutlery available on request.
  • The tables are varying height, but have a minimum clearance of between 63 cms (25 inches) and 87 cms (29 inches).
  • There are a variety of chairs, some with and some without arms.
  • There is space between the table for easy movement, and furniture can be moved if necessary.

These pictures show the interior of Refectory

At all outlets we have a loop system for deaf and hard of hearing, and magnifying glass, pen and pad on request.


Longdales House sits on the edge of campus of Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln. The Campus is relatively flat with lowered kerbs. Access to the Refectory, The Venue and the Main Campus Reception are all level entry and step free. Access to the Bar and to Curiositea have ramped access and are step free.


  • Our staff have undertaken disability awareness training. 
  • We have a set of evacuation procedures - should you require it, someone will come to your room and assist you with evacuation. 
  • We welcome assistance dogs; a water bowl is available just outside the side entrance and can be supplied for bedroom where necessary. We have a toilet facility for assistant dogs on the campus grounds - this is located on the opposite side of the campus.
  • We do not currently have a designated wheelchair charging point.
  • The nearest Mobility shop is 0.7 miles away located at the Nettleham Fields shopping centre on Wolsey way - see contact details below. 
  • The nearest General Hospital with an A&E unit is 1.2 miles away, and the Lincoln Walk-in centre (NHS) is 2.7 miles from Longdales House. Please let us know if you require further information about these. 
  • Free WiFi internet access is available throughout Longdales House.
  • We can provide a list of nearby attractions and suggested places to eat with details of their Access Statements for information where available. 
  • There is a local company (Seacroft Mobility) which supplies equipment that can be hired - please see contact information for details. 
  • There are accessible toilets on site in the Hardy Building (adjacent to the university’s main reception, in Refectory and at other locations across the campus. 
  • There is a Changing Place toilet at Yarborough Leisure Centre (5 minutes’ walk from Longdales House). We can provide further information upon request.
  • This Access Statement is available in large print format on request.


  • We are planning a review of our entrance route to room 7, our adapted room, later in the year to make it even more accessible.
  • We have asked the local access group to visit our property and we endeavor to make any suggested accessibility improvements where possible.


We are always looking for ways to improve the service we provide our visitors, so please contact us if you have any comments or suggestions about this access statement or anything else that you think can improve your stay with us.


Address: Longdales Guest House, Longdales Road, Lincoln, LN1 3DY
Telephone: 01522 583681 (office hours)

Night porter (Emergencies): 07850 015713

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hours of operation: Open all year round except for two weeks at Christmas

Mobility Equipment Seacroft Mobility, Unit 8, Wolsey way, Lincoln, LN2 4SX
Supplier: 01522 523300

Local Accessible
Taxi: Lincoln Taxis 01522 899899
Local Public Transport:


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